Why We Recommend Floral Walls for Your Celebration


Floral walls are the combination of everything you want in your Quince -ultimate elegance, and beauty they create a breathtaking effect.

Though most of us are familiar with the classic rectangle flower wall, we drew up a few unique and different ways to make it your own:

Glass Background

If you don’t want to cover the entire surface with flowers, consider using a glass wall to add a sense of glamour and style.

Source: Caramel Wedding via Instagram

Abstract Juxtaposition

Going for an artsy approach? How about abstract shapes and silhouettes adorned with a few floral touches.

Source: Wedding Dream via Instagram

Paper Flower wall

Want your flowers to be big, eye catching, and save some money while you’re at it? Consider Paper flower walls! They’re chic and very on-trend.

Source: Anne Neville Design via Instagram

Modern and Asymmetric

If you’re contemporary and have more of an avant-garde style, try out this beautiful flower wall style, consisting of modernistic shapes and a flowy floral composition.

Source: PHKA Studio via Instagram

Lighted Flower Wall

If you want a more romantic and feminine feel to your flower wall, ask your florist to strategically and safely place candles and lamps to illuminate the décor.

Source: Bella Blooms Floral via Instagram


With a similar pattern to the modernistic approach, this flower wall does not adjoin shapes to it, but organically uses all florals to achieve the same continuity.

Which floral wall is your favorite?

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