Winter blooms for your Quinceanera centerpieces

Jackie Mejia

Even in the dead of winter, flowers known for blooming in the season can add life to your Quinceanera centerpieces.

The different colors, textures, and bloom sizes of winter flowers can be used in accordance to your Quinceanera theme as well.

Winter jasmines, for example, add a cheery touch of yellow to your centerpieces and the length of these flowers are ideal to use as part of a topiary as well. Alstroemerias can be found year round at your local florists, farmers’ market and grocery stores.

However, they are especially fragrant when they are in season during the winter. You can add these budding beauties to pretty Quinceanera centerpieces of all shapes. Also, their stems serve as great fillers for floral arrangements.

Pansies may be small flowers, but they pack a floral punch. These tiny buds can be displayed in small pots, serving as a less expensive alternative to fresh cut flowers as your centerpiece.

Winter berries can add a ravishing red to your tablescape. These luscious berries will look fantastic paired with golden plates, napkins, or utensils.

The deep, bold color of the amaryllis flower can make any Quinceanera centerpieces shine on their own. When put it in a pot covered in glitter, this flower glistens even more as a stunning centerpiece.

With these table options, your guests can be delighted to breathe in the fragrance of nature and see the beauty of these winter blooms during your Quinceanera party. Mobile App

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