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It used to be that the color black was only acceptable for funerals or former events as such-but never for a quinceañera. But as any true fashionista knows, no fashion rules are ever set in stone. So if you’re dwelling on the idea of having black as your quince décor pallet, there are various ways to go about it. To ensure that your black and white quince is nothing short of fabulous and a far cry from a somber event, here are a few tips that will give every aspect of your party an artistic splash of b&w.

Your Quince dress in B&WDressing Black and White
A traditional, white quince dress best suits this coming of age celebration but hot off the runway are designs that incorporate just a touch of that elegant black. To find the look that best suits you, choose a quince dress of your choice and then consider the placement possibilities for that splash of color. Either on the waistband, on a bow, on the beading or in a brotch, black can be incorporated almost anywhere for that daring yet elegant quince look.

A touch of classic blackSeeing Black and White

Perhaps the most noticeable to your color pallet is your venue and centerpiece décor. To decorate in this specific color, opt for a black tablecloth as opposed to the traditional white one. The color of the dinner plates (which more often than not come in white) will jump off the cloth and create an instant contrast. And although you can pay to have the flowers of your centerpieces painted black, a more natural approach to black centerpieces can be white flowers on black candle sticks or clear vases with black pebbles inside.

Eating Black and White
Tasty b&w!The cake at any formal event is always one of the main attractions- and your black themed quince is certainly no exception. Again, the options are endless as far as decorating your cake according to your color scheme. Whether you choose to frost the cake in chocolate icing and decorate with white icing, or vice versa, the overall look of the cake will definitely get as noticed as every other part of your quince.

Think outside the box and serve, accessorize and dress in avant garde styles. Follow the links and surf away for other amazing fashion forward suggestions just as fabulous as your black themed quince.

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