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Welcome to my visual blog dedicated to the people I meet, places I see, witty adventures around Southern California and latest photo assignments. Though it’ll be story that’ll bore you, you don’t necessarily have to read it.

My love for photography, like most things in life, was a happy accident. Back in 10th grade I picked up a disposable camera, ran to my local drug store and anxiously waited for the images so as to upload them to a website my friends and I started during the latter part of the dot com boom. After some time, I wasn’t happy with the results I was getting from the drug store. I found Ritz Camera, picked up a Nikon N75 and after high school, took a part time job. Over the years I gained valuable knowledge on color, composition, geeky technical stuff and pretty much everything I know photo related at other local camera shops I ended up working.

I went digital in 2005 however, I’ve since gone back shooting film almost exclusively as of 2007 on account of the beautiful and timeless work from the likes of José Villa, Jonathan Canlas, Jen Huang, Caroline Tran, Tanja Lippert and Shannon Reene. Unbeknownst to them, each of these photographers have played a significant role in my work, the way I run my business and how I perceive color and my surroundings.

I’ve never considered myself a photographer let alone an artist. In fact, I’ve never set foot in a gallery before. I’m just a camera nerd who loves taking pictures and appreciates the look, simplicity and craftsmanship of workhorse cameras and lenses of bygone eras of the 80’s and 90’s. Both digital cameras and digital lenses simply cannot achieve the gorgeous organic bokeh created by their film era counterparts. Zeiss lenses in my opinion produce the most beautiful bokeh I’ve seen however, I’ve found a perfect alternative to these ritzy lenses….. ok wait, I’m getting too geeky now huh? Alright, I’ll finish off by saying that photography among other things, have widen my horizons and allowed me to further appreciate the city I called home, the melting pot of Southern California.

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