The Ultimate DIY Cinderella Themed Party Guide

Jazmin Alvarez

What girl hasn’t dreamed of being the center of attention at a grand ball and feeling like Cinderella for a day?! Your quinceanera is the perfect occasion to dance the night away wearing glass slippers and a voluminous updo.


But copying the same setup as depicted in the movie may seem a extremely pricey. Good thing we’re here to help you recreate some of the most gorgeous elements for a fraction of the price!  You won’t have to beg your fairy godmother to afford the luxury.

The following Cinderella DIY guide will turn your dreams into reality!’s Ambassador, America Fontenot, shows you how to easily make Cinderella-inspired quinceanera invitations and centerpieces:


What you need:


1. Slide the leaves down the stems of the artificial hydrangeas

2. Cut the stems of the hydrangeas and roses with pliers to the desired length

3. Stick the flowers through the foam ball

4. Stick the silver roll on the rim and bottom of the vase with a glue gun

5. Pour the floral gel beads inside the glass vase

6. Glue the foam ball on the glass vase with the glue gun


What you need:


1. Roll up your invitation and secure with a clear rubber band

2. Place the invitation inside the glass slipper

3. Tie bow around the slipper and secure with glue gun


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