Video Tutorials: DIY Candle Party Favors You’ll Love

Jazmin Alvarez

As you may have already noticed, flowers will take up a huge chunk of your budget! But it’s not the end of the world. There are a whole lot of alternatives that are way cheaper and fun to make. One of these projects in particular involves candle holders. They will magically illuminate the hall and even work as party favors, saving you even more!

Put your crafty skills to the test! Here’s a list of our favorite tutorials to create DIY candleholders – some are enchanting while others appear like mouth-watering treats.

Cupcake Candles

These candles look so real that you’ll forget that they’re actual candles and you’ll want to eat them! (but don’t). Sarah knows how to make the most adorable version using a couple materials from the Michael’s Arts & Crafts store. It’s a fairly easy tutorial, but you just have to work super fast to avoid the wax from drying. They’re perfect for a candyland themed quinceanera!


DIY Glitter Candles

Christine made these glitter candles for less than $5 and they will beautifully illuminate your venue under dim lights. Use them as party favors or winter wonderland themed centerpieces! Start at 1:57 if you want to skip the intro.


Lotus Candle Holder

Romantic, enchanting, and purifying are some words to describe gorgeous lotus flowers peacefully floating in a romantic pond. Your guests will instantly fall in love with your clay creation!


Frozen Inspired Candle Holder

Having a Frozen or Winter Wonderland quinceanera? Then you certainly don’t want to miss the following video! This project is the easiest to make and all you need are white glue, paintbrushes, small blue & transparent beads, candleholders, and candles. You can buy everything at your local bargain store if you don’t have them already.


Lace Candle Holder

Lace, tutus, and beads…if these three items together instantly make you sigh in awe then you must incorporate them into your candleholder.


TriColor Candles

Don’t be afraid to play around with color! Add red and orange for a summer vibe or use darker colors such as blue and green for winter.


Flower Candles

Celebrating your quinceanera in the spring? Go to your garden and collect your favorite flowers to create these fascinating candles.

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