DIY Crafts to Celebrate Dia de los Muertos

Jazmin Alvarez

Dia de los Muertos is a holiday traditionally celebrated in Mexico, Central America, parts of South America, and now in the US as people of Latin ancestry continue to honor this celebration.

With Dia de los Muertos quickly approaching, many decide to keep this tradition alive by building an altar, baking pan de muerto, and learning how to face paint. These projects can be done right at home with a few ingredients and supplies!

Make this upcoming Dia de los Muertos a memorable celebration! Take a look at the following ideas to get crafty and remember those special relatives who have passed.


Honor those special family members and friends who have passed away by setting up an altar in your room or living room. Altars usually include papel picado, crosses, pan de muerto, candles, flowers, sugar skulls, traditional food, incense, and any personal objects from the deceased such as pictures. Below are some creative ideas to build your own altar!


Face painting is a must if you’re celebrating Dia de los Muertos or if you need a last minute Halloween costume. All you need is black eyeliner, bright eyeshadows, white face paint, and a bit of creativity! Complete your look with a colorful floral headpiece.




Paper crafts are big for Dia de los Muertos and papel picado and paper flowers are the most popular! For papel picado, you can easily find templates online that you could print out to help you cut the desired designs. Hang your creations over the altar or across the ceiling if you’re having a Dia de los Muertos themed party. Watch the following tutorial to learn how to make paper flowers resembling marigolds, the orange and yellow flowers typically used for altars, papel picado, and other paper crafts.


Pan de muerto is the traditional sweet bread that is baked every year for Dia de los Muertos, but you can get creative and bake ginger bread skeletons or cupcakes instead. CLICK HERE to learn how to bake an easy & delicious pan de muerto.

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