DIY Elegant Quinceanera Centerpiece in Less Than 5 Minutes

Jazmin Alvarez

Buying quinceanera centerpieces to decorate a humongous hall can take up a huge chunk of your budget!

diy centerpiece less than 5 min

But not if you DIY your centerpieces with materials you may already have at home or can purchase at a local discount store! Best of all, you can take pride in your very own customized creation.


Miss Destiny Rivera,’s Ambassador & Cover Girl Ontario 2015, gives you easy step-by-step instructions on how to make your very own DIY elegant Quinceanera centerpiece. Let’s get started!


– Glass Vase

– Candle Holder

– Glue Gun

– Glue Sticks

– Green Foam Ball

– Large Artificial Flowers

– Water Pearls

– Pocket Knife



1. Cut the foam ball in half with the pocket knife

2. Stick artificial flowers through the foam ball until it looks like a bouquet


3. Glue the top of the candle holder with the glue gun

4. Stick the glass vase on top of the candle holder

5. Fill the glass vase with water

6. Drop the water pearls inside the glass vase, the water pearls will turn into bigger balls

7. Put glue on the foam ball and stick it on top of the glass vase

8. You may stick decorated ribbon around the top rim of the vase with hot glue

That’s it, a DIY elegant quinceanera centerpiece in less than 5 minutes for a fraction of the price! Mobile App

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