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Self-care has been revolutionized with salon perfect nails, without the salon cost. Stick on or press on nails have become the newest nail trend!

 With Spring around the corner, try some funky floral prints or keep it classy with a simple manicure.

The best part: No damage to your nails and no commitment.  

Here are some of our favorite brands that we highly recommend.

DIY 3D Polish Strips  

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With these nails, you are sure to get a lot of compliments! This unique look gives you a 3D look that would cost you a fortune at the salon. Very inexpensive and with several color options, these nails will have you in fashion!


 Follure Flower 3D Nail Art Stickers 

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If you are looking to make your manicure pop, these stickers can do the trick! You can polish your nail in any color and add these beautiful floral 3D stickers. Each pack comes with 50 different pieces to choose from.

Dashing Diva

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The Dashing Diva manicure set comes in all solid colors and leaves you with salon gel style nails! Each pack comes with 34 pieces and the application is easy. You simply stick the piece onto your nail, file to the size of choice, and Voila! The best part: One single application lasts 14 days!

Static Nails

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Static Nails are the priciest on our list but still cheaper than going to a nail salon. The catch is that these nails are reusable! Many of the other press-on nails are a one time use, but these can be worn for weeks straight or a few days at a time. 

Kiss Nails

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If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind manicure that takes minutes and does not chip, KISS Nails is your stick on nails of choice! KISS Nails comes in matte, holographic, and glitter finishes. They last up to seven days and give you the choice of how to stick on, whether it is with glue or adhesive tabs.


After using any of these stick-on nails, you will feel like you just walked out of the salon! Go on girl and treat yourself! Self-care is the best care!

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