10 Reasons Short Quinceanera Dresses are Better than Long Dresses!

Jazmin Alvarez

Have you considered choosing a short quinceanera dress over a long dress? Trendsetters are known for rebelling against tradition! So if you want to be the center of attention and show off every detail of your look, go for a short Quinceanera dress!


  Besides making a bold fashion statement, short quinceanera dresses have other advantages that you should totally consider. You’ll change your mind after reading this:

1. Don’t Fall Head Over Heels – Literally!

Imagine how you would feel if you were to trip on your long dress and fall on your face down the church steps. To avoid any unplanned disasters, opt in for a short dress!

2. No Excessive Sweating

Having your quinceanera in the summer? Especially if it’s an outdoor quince, having a short quinceanera dress will help you stay cool. You don’t want your makeup dripping off your face!  Plus the weight of your dress will be light, making you less exhausted by the end of the day.

3. Show off your Quince heels

We know you invested quite some time searching for the perfect heels and probably even had to beg your parents to buy them for you especially if they had a hefty price tag. Short quinceanera dresses will beautifully display your symbolic accessory!

4. Budget-friendly

It’s no secret that short quinceanera dresses are cheaper than long dresses! Plus you’re able to easily choose it at the last minute if you did not intend to have a quinceanera beforehand.

5. Easy Alterations

The cost of alterations for your short quinceanera dress is less than a long dress. You may even be able to do it yourself. Avoid complicated alterations once and for all.

6. All Day Comfort!

Trust us, it’s much easier to dance, pose, greet, and walk around the venue wearing a short dress! It’s less likely to get caught on an object and rip. Wondering how you’ll manage to use the restroom wearing a long puffy dress? Cross this issue off your list with a short dress.

7. Become a Trend Setter!

How many quinceaneras do you witness with a short dress? You can probably count that with your fingers! Become a trend setter by going against tradition. Your guests will be talking about your short quinceanera dress, guaranteed.

8. Save it for Another Special Occasion!

short quinceanera dresses

A long Quinceanera dress will collect dust in your closet after your Quince! Choose a short dress to wear it on multiple occasions such as prom, your tia’s wedding, Halloween, fancy dinner, or your high school graduation. Accessorize differently for a never-before-seen look!

9. Wear it During the Surprise Dance

Easily transition from your quinceanera waltz to your baile sorpresa, no need to change in the dressing room! Proudly show off those dancing steps that you’ve been practicing for weeks.

10. Flatters Any Body Type

Whether you’re slim or curvaceous, there’s a short quinceanera dress that’ll flatter your best assets. It’s way more difficult to outline your beautiful body shape with a long and puffy quinceanera dress.

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