Traditional, Fun and Sophisticated Quinceañera dresses

Gabriela Alvarado

For the most part, the final decision is based on the styles of Quinceañera dresses that best flatter your body, right? Therefore, if you fall in love with a dress that does not fit you appropriately, choosing a different one is the best option – even if the dress is beautiful. Keep in mind that its main purpose is to make you shine, so its best to go for a Quinceañera dress that will measure up.

1) Traditional Quinceañera dresses

If you are having a traditional party, this will be the perfect dress for you: a flattering, demure dress with a flare of formality combined with femininity. This style is perfect for petite Quinceañeras. Do not use puffy or padded sleeves; these must be short in order to stylize your figure. A short tail in accordance with your height will be an excellent addition.

Fun Quinceañera Dresses

If you want your party’s mood to be full of excitement, choose a style such as the popular peacock dress. The fun and colorful feathers will dazzle your guests. For Quinceañeras who have a short torso, it is advisable to wear a dress where the top part falls a couple centimeters below the waist to give the allusion of a longer torso.

3) Sophisticated Quinceanera

If you choose to have a highly elegant party, wearing rhinestones is a must. Their shine will make you look like a celebrity. Combine it with an accentuated waist, bare shoulders and a long dress. This style is perfect for Quinceañeras with small chests since the rhinestones will create volume.

Gabriela Alvarado

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