4 Quince Dress Fabrics That Won’t Max Out the Credit Cards

Gabriela Alvarado

Before making any decisions, you need to think about the style and fabric of the gown.

It must be the perfect balance and choosing the right fabric will eventually be the most important detail of your dress.

There are hundreds of fabrics that are affordable and fancy-looking textiles, you just have to research and spend some time trying different quince styles. To make your life easier, we’ve shortened the list down from hundreds of fabrics, to only four!

Silk Quinceanera Dresses


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This fabric for gowns looks great beaded or embroidered, perfect for  exuberant quince dress designs.

Satin Quinceanera Dresses


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Extremely popular as a quinceanera fabric as it has that luxurious “princess” feel. The term satin refers to the weave of the fabric.  Often different types of features are added to detailing the dress. For instance, crepe satin is lightweight and is often used for low volume fabric dresses as opposed to duchess satin, a heavy weight fabric used in more structured dresses.

Shantung Quinceanera Dresses


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It is very similar to raw silk, only cheaper. Different types of colors and styles are available such as  natural colored light cream or ivory. This type of silk is wrinkle resistant too which will allow you to dance around for your quince without worrying about ruining your dress!

Chiffon Quinceanera Dresses


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Delicate, sheer, and transparent – made from silk or rayon, with a soft finish. Chiffon has very similar qualities to the Georgette fabrics. While this is the less expensive fabric, it’s still more luxurious than other cheap options. Chiffon can also be used for accessories such as bows and shawls.

When it comes to creating or choosing the perfect quince dress, having a little knowledge of the available fabrics will go a long way in making an informed and suitable choice.


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