5 Winter Quinceanera Styling Tips

Christine Rudolph

Winter is here, and if you’re planning to wear a winter Quinceanera dress anytime soon, here are a few style tips for you to make them work this season.

Pick a winter color

And what better way to start other than by picking the right color? Don’t wear black just because it’s winter and everyone wears black in winter. In fact, look at what fashion experts have to say. This fall, it’s going to be a lot of navy, maroon, dusky pinks with yellows, and lots of metallics. Step one: embrace the winter palate to get into the winter mood! And while we’re still on color, just make sure you don’t make these color mistakes!

Go full length

Well, since it’s going to be cold outside, the most obvious way of wearing a Quinceanera dress in winter is to pick something that covers both your legs and arms. Full length is the way to go in winter, and if you’re thinking that the full coverage will put a dent on your style quotient, technically wearing short lengths in winter is more likely to leave you looking like an out-of-season fashion disaster! Full lengths are also a great way to hide dry winter skin.

But if you’re still not too keen on complete coverage, you can always play around with the sheerness of the fabric on the sleeves and around the neckline and still look seasonably appropriate.

Velvet Quince Dresses

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Velvet is gorgeous! Deep, plush, and so wonderful to touch! The best thing about good old fashioned wintery fabrics is that they’re thick enough to keep you warm when there’s a chill in the air and that too without having to add too many additional layers or worrying about skin show. And there’s nothing that does the job better than velvet. Chances are that the dress you choose won’t be too princess-like unless it is reminiscent of the Victorian era, but the élan that you’ll exude in a simple velvet Hollywood-inspired Quinceanera gown will be unbeatable.

Layer it up with a sweater!

Or, you could always go for something that’s sleeveless. Strapless, and backless, pair it up with a nice winter top. Layering is the ultimate fashion tip for styling any dress for the winter season. Try being a bit experimental by wearing a short, slightly sheer sweater on top of your dress for a look that’s both wintery and fun.


Throw on a stole!

Still keen on the holy trinity of skin show for your Quinceanera, and don’t even want to wear a sweater? Then maybe a stole or a shawl will do the trick for you. If worn properly, stoles can be quite elegant and add a regal touch to your look. However, you might have to ditch the idea of wearing a necklace because your stole is most definitely going to end up covering up your bling.

So what will you be wearing?


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