6 Shades of Blue Trending in Quinceanera Dresses


It’s no wonder why so many Quinceaneras choose their dress to be blue. This hue is absolutely beautiful, plus it captures Cinderella’s iconic princess moment we all grew up admiring.

Have a look at the top trending shades of blue Quinceaneras worldwide are loving!

#1. Bahama Blue 

This gorgeous baby blue color complements perfectly with crystal-clear embellishments, giving you a true “ice” princess moment.

Source: Mary’s Quinceanera MQ2060

#2. Aqua

If you’re just in love with all shades of blue, then this dress is for you. Get your mermaid vibes on for your Under the Sea themes Quinceanera with such gorgeous dress.

Source: Princesa by Ariana Vara

#3. True Blue Shade

Going for a classic blue? This ocean-shade-of-blue is truest to its name and simply timeless.

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Source: Ragazza Atelier Collection in Azul Rey

#4. Royal Blue 

For a sophisticated appearance, you can’t go wrong with a tone known to be for true royalty.

#5. Tiffany Blue Shade

If you’re torn between green and blue then this is the right choice for you. This deep shade of blue is the perfect balance between not too blue, not too green.

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#6. Midnight Blue Shade

If you are as mysterious as the night, then midnight blue shade will be calling your name. This navy blue tone is perfect for an elegant Quinceanera theme!

Source: Mary’s Quinceanera MQ2089

Which blue tone is your favorite?

Featured image is property of: Mary’s Quinceanera and Ragazza. 

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