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Check Out These Trending ‘Shackets’ for This Winter Season

Yoana Estrada

Shackets are taking over social media and we will begin to see more of them throughout the Fall and Winter seasons.

“What are shackets? ” you might ask. Shackets are a t-shirt and jacket combo that is becoming popular with fashion bloggers. The great thing about shackets is that they are so easy to style and grab when you’re heading out the door. Running late for school? Grab a shacket! Going to the movies? A shacket will keep you warm. Do you have a date with your crush? You guessed it, bring a SHACKET! These stylish shirt jackets are not only convenient but fashionable. They come in all solid colors and even winter plaids. Check out our favorite picks below!

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Yoana Estrada

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