Five surprising reasons to have your Quinceanera dress made!

Eva Melgarejo

What are the benefits of having a seamstress make your Quinceanera dress rather than buying it from a catalog? There are many but the most important one is that your dress will be unique. Yes, an exclusive design just for you! Now that I have your attention, check out these additional reasons.

1. Perfect fit!

Lets face it we are not all 6’ and 100 lbs. Your seamstress will measure you and make your Quinceanera dress fit perfect. In other words, your dress will be made to your size! There are also some really cool tricks they can add to your dress.  Reducing the length of the front of your skirt so you can show off your shoes and not trip is just the beginning.

Quinceanera measuring waist under bust.

There’s nothing better than knowing that your gown will surely fit!

2. You get to design your Quinceanera dress! 

How many magazines have you looked at where the top of the dress is perfect but the skirt is absolutely awful? This is your opportunity to pull out all your magazine cutouts and let your imagination fly.  Show of your fashion design skills and have the dress of your dreams made!

3. Budget friendly. 

Having a seamstress make your dress will be a lot cheaper than buying a dress from a boutique.  A boutique dress will run around $1000 or you can have one made for $500, BIG difference!

4. Match the dress for your court, your mom and madrinas

This is a real benefit of having one person make all the dresses.  Your seamstress can use the same material of your dress for the rest of the ladies in your party.  At the very least you will be able to match the color.

5. Cheaper by the dozen!

Yes, you know that at least half of dozen girls attending your party will be getting a new dress.  What better way to get a discount than to take more business to your seamstress.  Make sure you have this conversation before you refer her/him the business.  Your mom’s dress could be free!

Sketch of a red and yellow a-line dress.

Have fun designing and showing off your very own quinceanera dress!

In a nutshell, getting your dress made is a great way to save money and wear an exclusive Quinceanera dress designed by you!

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