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Moda 2000 presents fun, vibrant Quince dresses

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At the 2012 Ontario Expo and Fashion Show, which took place on Sunday, September 30 at the Ontario Convention Center, Moda 2000 presented a two-part collection of colorful Quince dresses and dress options for her damas.

The first part of the showcase presented short, formal dresses that are ideal for damas, surprise dances or as a slip-into dress for the Quinceanera. The presentation was highlighted with hot green, tangerine orange, aqua and hot pink dresses, some of which followed the mullet hemline trend. Sweetheart necklines and strapless, corset tops were the signature necklines of the first collection.

The second part of the Moda 2000 fashion show followed the same concept of fun, vibrant Quince dresses. These, however, were full-length gowns that graced the runway stage. The catalog dresses, most of which are available in numerous colors, are part of the retailer’s 1,000+ in stock designs.

To the beat of club mixes including the currently trending “Gangnam Style” by PSY, the Quince dress and accessories retailer also presented alternative ideas for a traditional tiara in the form of hats, headbands and floral pieces. Among the crowd favorites were a flamboyant black hat with giant bow and canary yellow gown that was paired with an aqua blue headband.

Hair and makeup for the Moda 2000 showcase was created by Maura Roman, Cindy Merino and Evelyn Sanchez. The choreography was produced by Daniel Lazareno.

The Moda 2000 Quince dresses presented at the Expo can be found at its new Anaheim location on the corner of Euclid and Palma.

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