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Not all girls grew up with images of princesses and ponies all over their room, and much less with the idea of a princess-like Quinceañera. If your personality is anything but fairy tale la-la land, say goodbye to dresses that fail to let your unique personality shine through, and take an avant garde approach to one of the most memorable days of your life. For those of you who are having trouble identifying with the traditional Quince princess dresses, here are some hints that might help you create a dress that captures your essence.

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If your personal style is far from anything overly laced and embroidered, something tells me that a poofy gown isn’t your cup of tea.

Rather than taking that typical route, try something less “damsel in distress” and create your own custom design by putting pieces together that reflect your own personal taste. Remember that just because many dresses on display have ruffles and bows, that doesn’t mean that yours has to.

THE TOP- Typically, the top of the dress is what pulls the quinceañera gown together. Traditional tops have either long sleeves or poofy quarter length sleeves filled with embroidered sequence and mesh fabrics. But for a more modern look, opt for unconventional styles like halter tops, tube tops or corsets. A corset might give you a “rocker” look if designed properly and if accompanied by a simple skirt. A halter top and tube top are daring, but need to be fitted according to your body type. To prevent extra skin from popping out of your back or tube top, try the 2-finger rule: Simply place two fingers in between your chest and your dress and if they fit smoothly, the dress size is perfect. But if you have trouble putting two fingers in between your chest and your dress, a bigger size for your top is your answer.

THE SKIRT- The skirt is usually designed as a full skirt embellished with ruffles and gathered tulle. But rather than making the gown the most detailed part of your dress, leave that up to the top half of your gown. Having people’s eyes drawn to your top will also draw their eyes to your face rather than to the floor. So try a simpler, less detailed skirt that will also give a more contemporary look rather than the usual princess poof. Also, stay away from big bows on the back of your dress. Remember, less is more and for that contemporary look, huge bows plastered on your rear-end are not part of the design.

All in all, your dress is a representation of your persona and therefore should be designed with you in mind. Don’t be afraid to try new things and to add accessories according to your style. A tiara or princess crown might not be your style but a “tejana” just might. Whatever your style is, incorporate it into your dress and keep in mind that this special day is all about you and not about anyone else.


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