Must-Know When Purchasing Your Dress Online

Brooke Torres

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Purchasing anything online, let alone an extravagant dress can be intimidating at times. The unknown thoughts of if it fits right, will it look like the pictures, and will it come on time for the event. Luckily, we can help ease the worries of purchasing your dress online.

Before Purchasing


Perhaps, the most important aspect of purchasing a dress online is making sure that there is enough time to receive the dress. To be safe, the dress should be ordered months in advance; this is to ensure that there is enough time to return it and get a new one if needed. This can be done by looking at the store’s policy on how long it takes to process and ship the order. Also, by looking at other customer’s reviews on when they received their items.

Your measurements

While a lot of the dress sites will have a size chart, it is still important to have your measurements on hand. The measurements to have are for the bust, waist, and hips. You can either do your own measurements or have someone else do them for you, either way, a measuring tape should be used because of its flexibility.

Your Budget

Knowing the budget for the dress eases the search process by narrowing down the categories to look through. Know that a certain amount has to be spent on the dress itself, the petticoat (to give the dress a princess flare), shoes, and the tiara. Also, any hidden costs that may occur after receiving the dress.

During the Process


The most useful tool to use when shopping online is the review section. The most useful reviews are the ones that include pictures of the actual customers wearing the dress. Sometimes customers will even mention the size they got for reference. Reviews are a great way to see how other people liked the dress and what they thought of the overall quality.

Store Policy

When choosing a store to go to it is best to look at each of their policies. If they allow for returns, if so, what is the window for returns? Do they issue refunds or give store credit? Is the customer service easy to get ahold of and what have other users reviewed about the sites?

About the Dress

Sometimes, it is a good idea to see what type of fabric is being used for the dress. This way one could go to a craft or fabric store and see and feel in person what kind of fabric is being used for the dress. Also, looking for multiple quality photos that the site and other customers provide for the dress is key. Not only doe sit provide insight into various models and body types that wear the dress, however, but it will also give more perspective on how the dress actually looks.

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