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What does your dream quince dress look like… and is it the best fit for your body type? Most dress styles were made to flatter a certain body type, but that does not mean you can not choose the style you’d like! With enough confidence anyone can rock any style they like! Here is our simple dress silhouette guide that will (hopefully) make your dress decision a little easier!



This is the typical fairy-tale dress, it is also the most common choice for quinceañeras. It is defined by it’s fitted bodice and full skirt. This is the ideal silhouette for pear shapes but not the best choice for petite girls as the full skirt can be overwhelming.




Similar to the ballgown, this silhouette is identified by a fitted bodice, and the skirt resemblance to an uppercase A. This beautiful silhouette looks great on all body types!



Modified A-line

Very similar to the A-line silhouette, the modified A-line is also fitted at the bodice but extends down to the hips. The skirt still resembles uppercase A but on smaller scale. This style looks great on all body types!

modified a line



This style is fitted on the body until the mid thigh, the skirt then flares in the shape of a trumpet. This style is perfect for hourglass and petite types.



This silhouette is fitted on the body and the skirt flares at about knee length. It is often confused with the trumpet silhouette but the mermaid flares more dramatically. This is the perfect silhouette for hourglass, petite, pears and rectangular types!




This style contours the body with no waist, it flows from the neckline to the bottom of the dress. Hourglass types look great in this style!




This refers to the skirt length which ends between knee and ankles. This dress length looks great on taller girls, as it can overwhelm shorter figures!

tea length



This skirt length ends above the knee and flatters petite types.



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