Quince dress in pink please, no wait, in blue or do you have it in both colors?

Eva Melgarejo


My FAV color is royal blue but fuchsia is super cool too. However if I had to choose a perfect combination it would be black and neon pink…AAAWWWWW…..the drama of colors. If you can’t make up your mind on the color of your Quince dress you are not alone. There are so many Quince Dresses that are simply gorgeous! Let’s face it, the traditional white XV dress is not for everyone. We’ve been browsing the web to find the solution to this problem and we’ve hit the jackpot! You don’t have to sacrifice your favorite colors! Check out these lovely combinations from Marysbridal.com

Chat with a seamstress to make your dream color combination a reality!

Happy Planning!

Eva Melgarejo

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