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Quince Dresses Makes Dress Dreams Come True

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Helping dreams come true, Quince Dresses services princesses finding their dream Quinceanera dress for their special day! With one location already opened in Somerset, New Jersey, a brand new location has just opened up in Queens, New York.

Quince Dresses provides a diverse amount of designs that will tailor to any Quinceanera theme. From full ball gown dresses to traditional Mexicansimo gowns, Quince Dresses will aid you through the process of helping you find your perfect dream dress. In short, Quince Dresses have many types of dress collections and carry designer brands such as House of Wu and Morilee by Madeline Gardner. As a whole, Quince Dresses possess some of the top-of-the-line quality, trendy dresses that every Quinceañera princess needs on their big day.

Quince gown styles

Here at the Jersey and New York locations, you will find gown styles that range from pastels, darks, and neutrals to corset, strapless, and beaded V-necks. At the location, you find anything you need. For example, you can find  a rose-gold strapless ball gown or an edgy black and gold gown.

Charro dresses

Charro dresses provide a taste of Mexico to the party and will have you feeling connected to your Spanish roots.

An Emerald green ball gown

An Emerald green ball gown dress covered in green glitter will have you imagining yourself in an enchanted garden.


There is nothing ordinary about these dresses, finding your perfect dress for your theme will make all your dreams into a reality. Quince Dresses will help you feel magical on your Quince day.

The Princesa dress


A remarkable mention to the ‘Princesa Dress PR2202’  by Ariana Vara. Moreover, this sleeveless dress with 3D flowers will light up the dance floor. This dress will leave the Quinceañera princess feeling like true royalty. therefore, this dress will truly make you stand out from everyone else. Most importantly, this one-of-a-kind light-up dress will have you and your guest cherishing this special day forever. 

Find your dream dress

Above all, Quince Dresses are more than happy to provide to future Quinceañeras girls. With hundreds of styles, colors, and accessories to choose from you are bound to find your dream dress at one of these locations. In addition, Quince Dresses provides help with online orders so you can have your dream dress shipped to you directly.

On the website, they provide guidance videos for your dress such as how to measure yourself. Also, on the website you can find videos of other Quinceañeras wearing their magical dress. Nonetheless, whether that is in one of their locations or on the website. Quince Dresses can give you the trust and confidence you need for your special day.

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