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Quinceañera Dresses Based on your Enneagram Type

By melif

If you’re wanting to find a Quince dress that really captures your essence, you’re going to have to dig deep.

A great place to start is with your Enneagram Type! The Enneagram is a basic personality based on our instincts, feelings, and thoughts. It captures who we are on the inside, and finding the perfect Quince dress for your Enneagram type will help you reflect that on the outside!

The Reformer 

You are principled, purposeful, self-controlled, and you radiate class too — for this reason you should go for a totally elegant short-length Dress!


The Helper

The caring, interpersonal type. You always put others first, but this night is all about you! You should go for an elegant, understated simple dress that will let your inner beauty radiate. 

The Achiever 

The Achiever is always going for the gold. You love to make a statement, which is why you should definitely rock a light-up dress! Additionally, this style is dramatic, bold, and totally you. 


The Individualist

While you may come off as quiet and mysterious on the outside, on the inside you live for the drama and are all about you. As a matter of fact, nothing says drama like a flowy Cape Dress!

The Investigator 

The Investigator is intense, perceptive, and of course cerebral.  First, for this reason, a white dress will perfectly capture your mature and wise energy!


The Loyalist

Keeping with your value of loyalty, you should go for the traditional Princess / Ball Gown. 

The Enthusiast 

You love to have fun, be spontaneous, and step outside the box! With this in mind a light blue dress a train will capture your energy perfectly, as well as keep you comfortable while you dance the night away as well!

The Challenger

The Challenger is not only powerful, domineering, but equally confident. That’s why you should definitely challenge the tradition of a long Quince dress by going with a black, dress with a veil! 


The Peacemaker

As a matter of fact, you are easygoing, receptive, and similarly agreeable. By the same token, you should opt for a classic A-Line Dress! It’s sweet, flattering, and moreover a  total crowd-pleaser.

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