Ragazza Fashion is the new luxury for Quinceaneras

Grecia Hernandez

For every Quinceanera, there is the perfect dress waiting to be discovered.

Ragazza Fashion evokes a style that expresses new forms of elegance based on creative tradition.

The strong identity of Ragazza Fashion has evolved over the years, never forgetting its roots.

An unmistakable style that collection after collection combines the strong innovation with the Latin American flavor of its origins. A brand whose essence lies in its contrasting characteristics.

Ragazza Fashion’s goal is not only to design and produce the perfect dress but also to serve as a daily inspiration through their 100% handmade creations.

The brand implements creative ability, artistic tradition, exquisite fabrics and high-quality handcrafted designs in order to project its identity and essence.

“The Ragazza girl is strong, she likes herself and others. She is a determined young woman who wants to travel the world without forgetting her roots.”

Thanks to its unique and quality designs, Ragazza Fashion has positioned itself as an international leader in Quinceaneras dresses, here are our favorites: 

Quinceanera Dresses Ragazza Denim

The brand broke the mold with denim stitches adorned with extravagant mixtures of textures and combinations of unpublished colors.

Aura Collection

Elegant designs inspired by the gala tailoring with sparkles in precious stones, delicate zirconia and fine embroidery with sequins and borders.

Collection Aura Privé

Inspired by the mystical and ethereal beauty with handcrafted embroidery, exquisite 3D applications and draping innovation.

Morena y Esencial

The collection represents a celebration of Mexican culture and the country’s fascination with mariachi.






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