Just in, the Ultimate Guide to Dress up your Chambelan

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Our super stylish friends from Friar Tux were kind enough to give us a few tips that will make your chambelan look stunningly handsome.


As much as you want to keep the spotlight on your special day, being remembered as the girl who had a celebrity-look alike chambelan, would be fabulous!

ties to dress up your chambelan

Consider something unique like a two tone coat or a bow tie with a pattern!


Follow these experts’ advice to dress up your chambelan:

Tips for a Dapper Chambelan

Match his bow tie to your damas’ dresses!

1. Think about the theme or style of your quinceañera– elegant, fun, fairytale or masquerade- and choose a tuxedo that flows with the overall theme and compliments your quince dress.

2. Slim fit styles can look good on everyone; just make sure your chambelan is able to try it on so he gets the right size and can comfortably perform his quince duties.

3. Consider something unique like a two tone coat or a bow tie with a pattern, think outside of the box when dressing up your chambelan!

Tips for a Dapper Chambelan

These go great for a Great Gatsby Quinceanera!

4. Make sure you get to see the styles in person, don’t choose from a catalog! Fabric and patterns are perceived differently on print than in person. Keep in mind the models they use to sell their clothes are not exactly the same size and height as your chambelan, you don’t want a last minute surprise!

5. Bring a sample of the damas’ dress color so you can make sure the vest and tie match the dresses.

Suit up, guys!



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