Three Dramatic Styles for your Quinceanera Dress

Maria Elena Aguilar

Dramatic styles are very hot right now, from exaggerated length dresses to blouses and skirts embellished with floral trim.

So why not inject a new feel to your gown and keep the magic of this event in high intensity?

Below are three fashion ideas for you to consider implementing into your Quinceanera dress this year.


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Sensational Lengths

The seeming simplicity of this dress makes it a perfect fit for your Quince, as the contrasting simple, above-the-torso design versus the dramatically lengthy skirt can be the perfect look to mark your entrance into womanhood.

The satin texture exaggerates the dramatic length that cascades to the floor, and looks great in loud colors like this bright fuchsia, as well as deeper tones like burgundy, red or brown.



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Breathtaking Floral Trim

This look is very popular right now with every major designer and retailer creating Quinceanera dresses and blouses that contain this pretty floral trim. To make this look work for you, it’s best to select a silk gown, as this texture will accentuate the details that will be embellished across your chest.



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Regal Quinceañera

We like this look because it’s heavy on the drama, and since the look reminds us of royalty, it’s perfect for your “princess for a day” occasion.

To copy this look, select a dress that falls to the floor with exquisite embellishments in either a satin/silk, off-shoulder shawl that matches the dress, or a fine silk cape that’s as long as the dress.



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