Three Top Quince Dress Styles

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There are many types of quince dresses: catalog dresses, quince dress designs from emerging designers, and gowns from an established fashion house.


We’re here to help you with the pros and cons for each type according to your Quinceañera budget.

Type #1: Catalog Quince dress

Catalog quince dresses are mass-produced and are often sold to individual retailers in large volumes. These are standard in design and sold to various retailers.

Cons: Since these are produced in large quantities, chances are they’re too common.

Since mass production keeps the cost of this type of dress low, it’s the less expensive option. Also, most catalog dresses are available in many colors and sizes. Plus, most Quinceañera boutique shops that carry catalog dresses tend to sell them in packages that include accessories, bouquet, kneeling pillow, and other ceremony basics.

Type #2: Quince dress from emerging designers

These are gowns created by designers that are starting to make a name for themselves in the Quinceañera market.

Cons: Since most emerging designers work independently, they may be limited to resources, which may cause them to only take a few orders at a time. So, getting your order in and on time will be key if ordering a dress from an emerging designer.

  These type of designers are extra creative, which is quite exciting for a quince girl who also enjoys creativity. This option allows families to purchase a unique quince dress without having to pay the high cost that is typically associated with a high-profile brand.

Type #3: Quinceañera dresses from established fashion houses

These are name brand dresses that are widely known within the Quinceañera market.

Cons: The biggest setback to selecting this type of gown is the price tag associated with the fashion house. Although, most major labels work with payment plans, the final cost may still be too much for some families to afford.

Pros: Quality. Major fashion houses have their reputation to uphold, so creating top of the line quince dresses is their top priority.


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