Timeless Regal Quinceanera Dresses Fit for a Queen Like You

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Follow the fashion icon of the 18th century Marie Antoinette and wear a regal Quinceanera gown on your most special day!

Her Majesty, Marie Antoinette, was infamous for her beauty and for her love of extravagant fashion. What was known as the Baroque era was defined by extravagant fabrics, light colors, and heavy gaudy materials worn by aristocrats and the bourgeoisie. The ideas and main aspects of this era remain and influence the future fashions decades later.

With the help of Quincedresses.com, we have put together a collection of quinceanera dresses fit for royalty of eras long long ago!

Pastel Pink Quinceanera Gowns

Choose dramatic gowns with French-inspired accents. While a ballroom, a palace, and a well-dressed guest list are a must for a regal royal qtheme, the style and color of your  dress is the real focus of this event.

Popular colors include pastel pink and blush pink for a Marie Antoinette-inspired quinceanera dress as shown below:

The opulence of the era should be incorporated into your gown as shown by the heavy embroidery and intricate lace details on these quinceanera dresses! Do not look for a slim fitting dress instead focus on the volume.

Gold Quinceanera Dresses

While a gold quinceanera dress is sure to draw alot of attention it is the perfect gown fit for a queen so step confidently into the room with your head held high like the riyal goddess you are.

Regal gowns were known for their flamboyant styles so find a quinceanera dress with antique yet ornate touches to recreate your very own Versailles-inspired gown.

White Quinceanera Dresses

White quinceanera dresses are another option for a regal quinceanera look. You can further accessorize your decadent white quinceanera gown with feathers for a flattering whimsical look.

Pearls are also a classic accessory for your royal quinceanera theme as well as a cameo brooch to adorn your neck! Adding ruffles and lace gloves to your dress creates a texture combination reminiscent of the gowns of the 18th century!



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