Tips for Finding an Affordable Quinceañera dress

Gabriela Alvarado

Don’t spend a fortune on a Quinceañera dress, you can find one that’s within your budget and works well with your style and personality.


It is every young girl’s wish to celebrate their Quince in a memorable manner. Those little details which take part of the planning of such a celebration sometimes require more attention such as one of the top priorities: selecting the perfect Quince dress. Overwhelmed with the planning and trying to stay within your budget, this can also turn into a dreaded task. Besides falling into the previously mentioned categories the dress must also complement your beauty and personality.

However, there are many tricks on finding a perfect, elegant and affordable Quinceañera dress that fits within your budget.

Follow these tips and we guarantee you’ll find exactly what you want:

1) Search for options at different places
Look through every medium available. Among the most popular are magazines, online, catalogs and boutiques. By doing so you will have an idea of the price range in regards to the location. Keep in mind that dresses purchased online are relatively more affordable.

2) Choose on the type of dress you’re looking for
Those little details have a lot to do on the final price of your dream dress, the more extravagant the greater the price. Less is always more; a simple and elegant dress will complement you best. Consider this whether your purchase one or have it custom made.

3) Decide on a budget
Once you have an idea of the pricing of a Quince dresses, you can decide on the amount of money allocated for this particular task. This will make your search easier reducing the dresses that fall in your budget category.

4) Used dresses
Look for places where they sell used Quinceañera dresses. Not every Quinceañera keeps her dress; most donate it or sell it for other girls to wear it during their special day.


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