The Truth About Traditional Quinceanera Dresses

Christine Rudolph

And the tradition of the Quinceanera dress continues!

The transition of a young girl to womanhood is often characterized by cultural norms. Most of them would party, go on a spring break or have prom night tradition.

However in the older days, many girls would dress in Quinceanera dresses, especially in Spain. Many different ceremonies would take place to mark the transition for the young girls which also included the young girl being introduced to the world and society and thanking the gods for having reached this age of maturity. It was customary for young girls to wear petticoat or crinolina underneath to make the dress look extra puffy.

The ideal color choices for such dresses were pink, white, black, red, burgundy and royal blue but now girls adapt tradition to their own style and fashion sense.

Fashion in the 18th Century for Quinceanera Dresses

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Petticoats for Quinceanera dresses stiffened and reshaped to the lower part of the body. Most dresses were made out of silk featuring wavy long floral patterns. Some of these dresses also featured a wide neckline which was attached with the bottom.

The overflowing flounces, ruffles with the profusion of lace, gauze, trimming, spangles, silver strips and embellishments with shining jewels and stones made it look inspiring and captivating. The designers took great pride for the making of such dresses and viewed it as an opportunity to give their imagination a free pass. The essential parts of these  dresses were their voluminous skirts, flounces and furbelows.

Fashion Accessories with the Quinceanera Dresses

Shiny Jewelry was inseparable from such dresses and was much richer than that of today.  Other parts of the classic stylish accessories included lace sleeves, unique fans, gloves and clutch bags.

Quinceanera dresses have greatly inspired the contemporary designers of today to make much more subtle dresses without the puffiness to reflect a past classic fashion.

This brings us to the many beautiful and colorful dresses that you see today! Talk about a throwback!

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