Two-Toned Quince Dresses for a Two Thumbs Up All Night Long!

Jazmin Alvarez

Light blue or dark blue Quince dresses? Hot pink or pastel pink? Lime green or forest green? Too many soon-to-be Quinceaneras are stuck with this dilemma without realizing the simple solution. Choose a two-toned Quince dress, duhh! In fact if you’re looking to step out of the traditional, this is the newest Quinceanera dress trend that’ll sure make your overall appearance stand out. Keep calm and read along, Quince Girl!

Fall in love with these gorgeous two-toned Quince dresses based on your favorite color. Learn the meaning of each color and match it to your very own precious personality!

Pink: Are your BFFs constantly calling you and asking you to hang out? Choose one of these pink dresses that scream unconditional love!

Pink Quince Dresses

Via DaVinciBridal.com

Pink Dress

Via Bella Sera Dresses

Pink Quince Dress

Via FrenchNovelty.com

Purple: Would you describe yourself as a perfectionist? Choose a purple dress for the luxurious & ambitious Quinceanera!

Purple Quince dress

Via DaVinciBridal.com

Two Toned Purple Dress

Via PromDress4Girl

Green: Are you always the life of the party?! Choose the color that means full of life & energy!

Lime Green Dress

Via DreamyMiss.com

Blue: Do you keep a lot of your friends secrets and they’re always asking you for advice? The color of loyalty & wisdom is for you!

Blue Dress

Via Bella Sera Dresses

Blue Dress

Via BeautifulHalo.com

Orange: If enthusiasm & fun describes your personality, an orange dress is a must!

Orange Quince Dress

Via FashionOS.com

Brown: Are you simple yet friendly? This is it!

Brown Multicolored Dress

Via FashionOS.com

The dilemma is over! Need more dress advice? Check this out!:

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