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Walk like an Egyptian: Egyptian-Inspired Dresses for your Quince Party


You may have seen mighty Cleopatra and Nefertiti in your history books, but have you ever imagined them being the inspiration for your Quince and dama dresses? These Egyptian queens can absolutely lend some fashion inspiration for your 15th birthday party!

Check out some of the Egyptian-inspired dress looks below.

Gold Sand Dust Woman


Gold beaded dress by Mac Duggal at Nordstrom

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Dress up like the human version of the golden sphinx in this bead-encrusted evening gown by Mac Duggal for Nordstrom. Still show that you are the queen of the party by switching out a beaded Cleopatra headpiece for the traditional tiara.

Silver Vibes

Grecian inspired gown Intermix online

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Show off a sleek Cleopatra-inspired bob with a gown that draws the eyes upward and doesn’t feature much details in the shoulder. This metallic gown has a beautiful open bodice typical of the gowns worn by women in the Mediterranean region eons ago. If you want to be a bit more modest, sew some mesh or tulle netting in between the dress’s openings.

Golden Dreams

White sleeved ballgown with gold embroidery

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If you still want to go with the full ball gown of a traditional Quinceañera dress, this white chiffon and gold embroidered dress can mix well with your Egyptian-inspired Quince theme. Let the intricate embroidery be the star and pair it with a dangling and dainty headpiece—as seen on our cover girl for this issue!

Turquoise like Tut

If your damas are also going to follow your cue for your Egyptian-themed Quinceañera, then they can start using the women from Spike TV’s former show, Tut, as muses.

Turquoise gown from the show Tut

Photo Credit: Thoughtful Misfit via Spike TV

Channel the rich turquoise color of this gown by having your damas wear this breezy maxi dress. They can accessorize with large bracelets stacked up their arms for that majestic Egyptian look.

Turquoise Grecian inspired gown

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Orange Crush

Orange Grecian inspired gown

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If you want your damas to show off the colors of a summer sunset, this citrus-hued orange dress from Lulu’s could also be a great option for your party. All your damas will need to keep the Egyptian-inspired dress theme going are bracelets and beaded headpieces.

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