Traditional White Quince Dresses are so 10 Years Ago? Think again! Look at all these chic designs!

Rosalynn Martinez
White Quince Dresses

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Traditional white quince dresses will always be in style. Yeah you read right, the white quince dress will always look chic, because it is classy and timeless, and well vintage… and that has been a big trend lately!  Add a twist to the old style white dress with a touch of color, or with intricate beading or lace! Make the dress your own style while keeping it traditional, because isn’t that what a quinceanera is all about; keeping traditions alive?

Browse through pictures of the many variations of the classy white quince dress that inspired us, you might just find yourself dreaming of a white quince!



Rosalynn Martinez

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"It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation"

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