10 Concerts You Can’t Miss This Year!

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This year is filled with exciting concerts and tours that are gonna have the crowd going wild.

Bring along your friends, family, or significant other, or go solo! You are bound to have a good time at any one of these concerts below: These are 10 concerts that you absolutely can not miss this year (with ticket links):

1. StrayKids

Staring the list off with Stray Kids: This summer, Stray Kids are going on their second world tour: “MANIAC”. Further, on July 20th Stray Kids will be holding their high-energy performance at the Honda Center in Orange County. This K-pop group is storming the internet and will give you an introduction to all things K-pop. With that being said, attending one of their concerts will have you leaving there as a K-pop fan!

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2. Lady Gaga

Now, there is no surprise to hear that Lady Gaga is one of the best performers in the world! So, prepare yourself for this fall to see the one and only Lady Gaga performing at the Dodger Stadium. Lady Gaga leaves her audience in awe and her performance will have you craving more of her energy.  

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3. Karol G

Next, we have upcoming reggaeton star, Karol G, performing at venues all over the country as part of an upcoming “$trip Love Tour” in 2022. Karol G will bring her $trip Love Tour to Crypto.com Arena, in Los Angeles, California on October 21, 2022.

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4. Lollapalooza

Then, we have Lollapalooza, which is an annual four-day music festival held in Grant Park in Chicago. This festival will hold some of the hottest artists and also some artist’s on the rise. At this festival, you can experience performances from rappers to k-pop idols. 

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5. Bad Bunny 

Here, we have Bad Bunny who’s suiting up for his second tour of the year in August. Right now, Bad Bunny is all the rage, even people who don’t usually listen to Spanish music, listen to Bad Bunny! So, it is only right to attend his concert this year. Further, Bad Bunny is full of energy and his concerts are always hyped. Also, Bad Bunny is calling his tour, the“World’s Hottest Tour”.

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6. Coldplay

Coldplay- the British rock band- is performing all over Europe and is going to be diving in North and South America. Also, they will be performing in Australia for their 2022 Music of the Spheres tours

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7. Gorillaz

Next, something that you have never heard before, Gorillaz is an animated English band that will be touring in the fall of 2022. Moreover, Gorillaz brings alternative rock as well as electric Hip-Hop. This band is creative and futuristic- you are bound to have an out-of-this-world experience. Now, they will be traveling to 3 North and South America, Europe, and Australia. 

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8. Harry Styles

It’s true, Harry’s House is going on tour! Harry Styles is an English singer-songwriter that just recently came out with a new album- Harry’s House. Here, you will find songs from all the spectrum- you will feel all the emotions at this concert. Now, his tour is called “Love on Tour” and it is exactly what it says- bringing love on the tour. Furthermore, Harry Styles truly performs for his fans and leaves it all on the stage.

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9. Kendrick Lamar

After years, Kendrick Lamar is finally returning to the stage. With a new album he just released, Kendrick Lamar is touring all over the world this Fall. Kendrick Lamar is considered to be one of the most influential rappers of all time. Further, Kendrick Lamar raps about his struggles living as a Black man in Compton, as well as raping about all the good times he’s had. Here, you will feel and hear his story through song form. 

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10. Lizzo 

Finally, we have Lizzo, who has announced her fall tour in North America in support of her album, “Special”. Lizzo calls her tour the Special Tour. Lizzo is a positive, plus-size advocate who strives to change the industry. Also, Lizzo is filled with energy and is great at performing. At her concert, you’ll feel embodied and empowered. It’s grantee that you will not feel excluded at the “Special Tour”.

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At last, get your tickets now and sing your hearts out to one of your favorites!

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