6 Family Activities to Enjoy this Christmas

Jocelyn Pasillas

Brighten up the Christmas spirit and plan a night of fun with those who matter the most! 

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If there’s one thing this year has taught us is to value family and health overall, make the most of your holiday season by starting up your own family traditions you can enjoy from here and out.

Take a look at the list we’ve gathered of fun family activities and pick your favorite! 

 Bake delicious cookies!

Start off the night by making some delicious cookies! With the help of your mom or dad, bake some Christmas cookies you may all enjoy during your night of activities or simply for Santa!

  Family game night

Whether you want to save game night for only Christmas night or throughout the year, our two favorites are Scattergories or Never Have I Ever (Family Edition). You can make your own for either or if you decide to save yourself a few bucks and not purchase the game. Look up some templates, view a video on rules, and have some fun.

Gingerbread House

Add a twist to building your own gingerbread house by making it a competition! We know a game is a lot of fun when you turn it into a contest, which is why competin

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g on ‘who is the fastest’ or voting ‘who did it the best ‘would spice things up. 

Christmas Carols Karaoke

The first rule, you don’t have to be the best singer to participate in a karaoke night! We hear Christmas carols every year which is why it can be a lot of fun if you turn it into a talent show and put on the best performance ever!

Vision Boards

End the year right! Take the time to reflect on goals and resolutions for the upcoming year(s) by creating your very own vision board. Vision boards are not only fun to create, it’s also a great way to start fresh, stay motivated, and share what you love with your family.

Christmas Movies

End the night on a more relaxing note by enjoying seasonal movies. Choose between classic movies or new films and series, Netflix and Disney Plus have a wide variety.

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