Quinceanera Edition: Never have I ever…


Are you and your quinceanera court looking for a way to keep yourselves entertained in between dance practice? Play Never have I ever!

How to play:

1. Get your court of honor together and gather in a circle. 


2. Each player must hold 10 fingers in front of them.


 3. The first player announces something that they’ve never done or something from the following list.


4. Put one finger down if you’ve done what the first player said. 


5 . Move on to the next player in the circle.


6. The person with fingers remaining wins.


The following statements can be used to start the game

👑Never have I ever forgotten to put someone on the guest list

👑Never have I ever disliked my quinceanera dress

👑Never have I ever forgotten the choreography at a quinceanera

👑Never have I ever stepped on my father’s foot during the father-daughter dance

👑Never have I ever danced to my favorite song at my quinceanera

👑Never have I ever missed a quinceanera rehearsal

👑Never have I ever had drama with someone in the court

👑Never have I ever spilled food or drink on my quinceanera dress

👑Never have I ever had a wardrobe malfunction

👑Never have I ever had a crush on my dance partner

👑Never have I ever eaten my quinceanera cake

👑Never have I ever cried at a quinceanera

👑Never have I ever had my dress stepped on

👑Never have I ever been kicked out of a quinceanera court

👑Never have I ever wanted a car instead of a quinceanera


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