Staying Social During Quarantine

Yoana Estrada

 How to Stay Connected with your friends!

The quarantine can make us all feel a bit lonely at times. Don’t worry! You are living through a global pandemic and will get through this. If you are craving social interaction here are some socially distant activities you and your friends can do.

 Drive-In Theatre

The late fifties are back in full swing! Drive-in movie theatres are thriving. Pick a movie and time to meet up with your friends at the Drive-In.

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Netflix Watch Party

Netflix allows you and your friends to watch a show or movie together. You can stream from different devices. Now you can binge and pause at the same time without losing your place.

Collaborative Spotify Playlist

Make the perfect playlist for you and your friends to vibe to. Everyone can add their favorite song and you have a playlist that represents your friendship.

Virtual Book Club

A virtual book club is the best way to keep your brain sharp and social. All you have to do is pick a book that you want to read together and then discuss it with your friends!

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Take a Virtual Museum Tour

Museums all over the world are opening up their virtual doors. Get on the phone with your friends and start exploring. Take a virtual trip to the city of love and visit France’s most famous museum The Louvre Museum

Here is a list of other museums offering virtual tours.

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