10 Reasons to Attend our Virtual Expo

Jocelyn Pasillas

As is, planning a Quinceanera celebration is not as easy as it seems– so we know how much harder it can be when planning a Quince midst a pandemic. Fortunately enough, Quinceanera.com has a solution to this!

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Quinceanera.com will be transforming from physical expos to a unique virtual expo with lots of benefits to it.

Mark your calendars because it’s an event you won’t want to miss and here are the 10 reasons why:

1. Plan your Quince from the comfort of your home.

Typically, the traditional way to go about planning your party requires a lot of driving from store to store, but now you don’t have to!

2. It’s FREE!

ALL our events are already free to our Quince community! Now, whether you’re from the east coast or west coast, join us for free!

3. Get connected.

Obtain useful tips, advice, and ideas that will help you with your planning. Our entire team are Quince experts and are willing to connect with you to help you and/or be a part of your special day.

4. WIN giveaways!

The best part yet, get in on all our giveaways during our Virtual expo! Don’t miss out on dress giveaways, AirPods, My Quince Planner, and more! RSVP to enter all our giveaways. 

5. Meet other Quinceaneras-to-be.

One thing about Quinceanera.com is, we’re #1 in the world! This allows us to connect and help thousands of soon-to-be-Quinceaneras. Interact, meet, and get to know the struggles you all most likely have in common.

6. Learn about how to plan a Quince during a pandemic.

We understand the struggle this pandemic has been to many, which is why it’s extra important to get helpful tips and suggestions from our Quince team.

7. Get inspired and motivated!

It can be overwhelming trying to decide if a Quinceanera celebration is a good idea, which is why we want to help!

8. First glance at popular and NEW Quinceanera dresses.

Enjoy our fashion shows where we’ll be showcasing the most popular and newest dress collections you’ll want for your XV!

9. Obtain advice from Quince experts.

Apart from the expertise each of our vendors will offer, Quince Madrina, Anika Alexa, and Dee Lee will be providing a lot of information you won’t want to miss out on.


If you have been a part of our actual expos, you’ll know we are all about FUN! Join us as we amp it up

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