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Alexis Aurora: Bringing Awareness to Alopecia


Alexis Aurora is a young model with alopecia changing the modeling industry and being the representation for young girls like her. Christian Huertas and Claudia Ruiz created the elegant shoot for Alexis’ cover. 


Alexis and Christian met over Instagram, and Alexis explains, “I was amazed by his creative direction, I’ve never seen anyone do such a creative look, he made sure he wasn’t hiding my hair loss or anything about me.” Christian explains his reasoning behind this, “I noticed that no one styles her hair [for shoots]. I thought, if she keeps that hair it is because it means a lot to her.”

For the actual photos, Claudia created a backdrop that would elevate the vision even more, “I chose a fine art style for her photoshoot because I felt it would enhance her beauty.  He wanted to accentuate her look rather than hide it. We wanted to bring awareness to alopecia.”

Meaning Behind the Shoot

When Alexis got to do this quince shoot, it was a full-circle moment for her. “When I put the dress on, I looked at my mom and I was like, oh my gosh, like I started modeling with these dresses.” 

Christian and Claudia adore doing quince photoshoots. Claudia explains these shoots are her main specialty. Chris says his favorite part is the look on the young quince’s face when he shows her the look for her special day.

On top of bringing representation for girls with alopecia, Alexis loves that quince shoots are bringing Latina/Hispanic culture into the mainstream. “I’ve never really seen Hispanic culture so represented in such a beautiful way.”

Alexis explains that before the shoot, she heard a story of a little girl with alopecia who died from suicide after being bullied. “I want to bring this story out as much as I can. All I’ve ever wanted to do was make a change.” For Alexis and girls like her, representation and awareness mean everything.

Advice For Young Quinces With Alopecia

Christian, Claudia, and Alexis all want young quinces to know to “be yourself.” More specifically, Alexis wants young girls with alopecia to find what confidence means to them. She knows it’s not as easy as to say “be confident.” 

Alexis explains, “when I was 15 I didn’t understand what that meant to like it’s not gonna happen overnight. Try to familiarize yourself with yourself, and what you love. Everyone has a place in this world. You have to find it.” 


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