How to Nail the Mismatched Dama Look

Jazmin Alvarez

Let’s be real – we would hate buying an expensive dress that we don’t feel beautiful in. That’s why different body types, budgets, and personalities must be all taken into consideration to make each member of your quince court happy.


How do you pick a dress that all your girls are guaranteed to love? It’s called having mismatched damas! It’s a brand new trend that will soon become a must at every quinceanera.

mismatched quince dresses

Making your damas look cohesive wearing different styles or colors can become quite a challenge. But if you follow these mismatched dama tips, you’ll be partying with a fab trendsetting court!

Same Color, Similar Styles

This idea is perfect if you want your damas to look different without making it too obvious. Your damas can choose the neckline they feel comfortable wearing to shine with confidence on your big day!

same color dif styles

Mismatched Dama

Same Color, Different Styles

Do you have the pickiest damas? Consider letting your damas shop for the dress! To avoid hating the dress they choose, give them 2-3 different styles or have them send you a picture of the dress before they make the purchase for your approval.



Different Colors, Different Styles

Are you the trendsetter in the family? Then you need to make your damas stand out with style! To avoid an overwhelming look, the dresses should be different shades of the color.


Different Colors, Same Styles

If your theme is made up of more than two colors, then your court needs dresses of different colors but same style so it looks cohesive.

different colors


A Complete Checklist to the Perfect Quince Dress, FREE download!

A Complete Checklist to the Perfect Quince Dress, FREE download!

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