Menu Ideas your Guests Will Drool Over

By salmam

Take a look at these menu ideas that will have your guest’s wanting more! These menu ideas will bring a tasteful sensation to your quince.

Menu Idea #1 Charcuterie Boards

Charcuterie boards are great menu ideas for your quince. Charcuterie is the preparation of cured meats, however, nowadays the word Charcuterie means the preparation of cheese, meats, nuts, and crackers. Charcuterie boards are not only fun to make, but they give your guest an opportunity to try new combinations at your quince. Also, you can customize your Charcuterie boards that fit your theme. Charcuterie boards are fun and colorful and will bring those elements into your Quinceanera as well!

Menu Idea #2: Tanghulu

Tanghulu is a north Chinese candied snack that will give your guests a weird, but the tasty experience. This is a snack that most of us have probably never heard of before but it is a common Asian street snack. Moreover, this menu idea will bring curiosity to your guest. This exotic snack tastes a bit like a jolly rancher, as it’s fruity with a delicious sugar crunch. In all, this menu idea will leave a mark on your guest and your quince will forever be remembered. 


Menu Idea #3: The Donut Wall

The Donut wall is an oldie, nonetheless iconic. The donut wall serves more than one purpose as it can also be used as a background for photos! Also, you can decorate the donuts to fit whatever your theme is. This menu idea is relatively easy to make but it can really change up your whole dessert table. This wall will be too irresistible for your guests. 


Menu Idea #4: Churros!

Everyone loves this cinnamon fried dough dessert. Originating from Latin America, this street food is great for any time of the day. This menu idea will keep your guests satisfied. So, even if they couldn’t get anything from the dessert table, having a churro station is something that every guest can enjoy. 

Menu Idea #5: Sliders

Quinces are an all-day event and being a quest myself at many quinces, appetizers are a must! Moreover, sliders are the perfect finger food for your guests. This menu idea will leave your guests satisfied and really level up your quince’s menu. The great thing about these sliders is that you can make a different variety of them such as barbeque chicken, shredded pork, or vegetarian. 

Menu Idea #6: Beignets

This menu idea is an item that is not most common at quinces, so if you want to level up your quince with your menu ideas, then beignets are a must! This menu idea brings a bit of New Orleans to your quince. Also, this dessert is perfect if you are having an emerged green-themed quince, Mardi Gras-themed, or a Princess and the Frog-themed party. 


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