6 Spring Quinceañera Cake Trends

Jose Francisco Sanchez

Designs and colors on Quinceanera cakes have become more daring, however flowery and soft color cakes are most popular during spring.

Modern Quince girls do not request the traditional castle-type Quinceañera cake. The current trends in cakes are those with accessories such as feathers, shells, diamond ornament and any “attention grabber” detail. Out of the ordinary designs such as a Quinceanera dress, a famous brand purse, a gift box or hearts with multicolor and numerous levels positioned on whimsical shapes are requested as well.

Any of these designs are perfect for Spring celebrations, although to play along with the season, soft colors such as pink, purple, lime green, and white can be matched with your choice of flowers, which are a great alternative for those with a dreamy and romantic personality.

And since a picture is worth a thousand words, here are examples of spectacular cakes in trend this Spring:

1)       Cake with blue flowers. A simple yet classy design. The cake is mostly white with a ribbon and flowers in baby blue, highlighting the daisies adorning the cake.

2)       Stars. This is definitely a striking design due to its contrasting colors along the cake and the shape each level is positioned. The flowers on the side stand out as well as the stars simulating candles on top of the cake.

3)       Carnival. The uneven levels are an attention grabber but the colors strike as a spectacular carnival party. This design definitely will not go unnoticed.

4)       Butterfly party. This cake is an explosion of color and freshness. Leveled on white from biggest to smallest, beautifully decorated with ribbons and flowers in “Mexican pink”, and with butterflies fluttering around make for a vivid Quinceañera cake design.

5)       Sea scent. If you love anything sea related this cake is perfect for your party. The turquoise blue color makes it desirable to the eye and its shells, stars, and snails cascade to truly steal the show.

6)       Rain of roses. Beauty and simplicity are what best describes this cake. A white base with roses on top and petals are synonym of elegance and great taste.

Jose Francisco Sanchez

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