A Practical and Original Way of Serving Cake: Delicious Quinceañera’s Cupcakes by Joeleen Medina

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Which is the most important moment for a Quinceanera? Some might say listening to the first strains of the waltz to finally see that little girl turn into a beautiful woman dancing in front of her guests; however, if there is anything as essential as the dress and the dancing piece, is definitely the cake. Joeleen Medina invited us to her fine pastry/ design studio en Granada Hills, CA and this video showcases some of the options she offers if you wish to incorporate delicious cupcakes at your Quince party.

Joeleen Medina is a bakery chef trained at the prestigious school of haute cuisine Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Los Angeles, in Pasadena. With these credentials and her acquired experience in New York’s culinary demanding market, Joeleen decided to open her own fine pastry design studio. “A sweet design”, a company dedicated to creating works of arts fresh out of their ovens, produces daily around 30 cupcake assortments for their clients to eat or have them placed in diverse occasion arrangements. Cupcakes have become the latest gift or party favor trend for birthdays, bachelorette parties, special occasions, weddings, sweet sixteen and Quinceaneras.


The trend has become popular not only due to the current economic situation but also because of the variety to offer different flavors and designs to your guest, plus the colors and beautiful decorations make for a delicious display at your party.

This is how these once regular now popular cupcakes haven turned in to a must for special occasions and family celebrations. Incorporate this cupcake trend to your Quince party, whether it is as a cake, party favors or simply decorative, the options are infinite! From the traditional red velvet with cream cheese, Nutella filled chocolate to Cuban mojito and pina colada flavors, these tasty and delicious cupcakes are the best option. No need to worry about cutting portions, this cake is ready, so enjoy your Happy Birthday song and blow away those candles!

If you want to take bite of these beautiful cupcakes, visit “A Sweet Design” located at 17801 Chatsworth St, Granada Hills CA 91344. Joeleen Medina, herself will help you choose the best option to make your Quince dream come true.


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