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3 Ways To Use After Easter Candy In Your Party

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Easter Candy

Jelly beans, candy coated almonds, and M&M’s are great for this DIY project!

If you’re leaning towards a candy inspired Quince or dreaming about having a candy buffet for your party, after Easter sales are a perfect time to stock up on treats since some stores mark down their leftover stock to a 75% savings. Here are my suggestions on how to incorporate Easter bargains into your Quince celebration, décor, and favors.

Suggested Easter candy
•    foil wrapped chocolate eggs
•    candy coated almonds
•    jelly beans
•    M&M’s
•    Peeps
•    licorice
•    colorful lollipops
•    gum drops

Shop Easter sales for your Quince!Quinceañeras with a Candy theme twist
Candy Land or Willy Wonka Quinces are the ideal party theme for the Quince girl with a major sweet tooth. If you’re dreaming of a quince with gumdrops and chocolate galore, then you’re sure to benefit from shopping this after-holiday sale. If you’re going with a bright and bold color palette for your candy theme décor, choose candy that is wrapped as such. Jellybeans, licorice, lollipops and gumdrops are perfect examples of colorful candy. To tie them into your theme, incorporate these into your floral bouquets and centerpieces by placing them into your standard floral designs.

Shop Easter sales for your Quince!Give your guests some sugar!
Candy as a party favor is a sweet and practical gift for your guests, especially when the presentation outdoes the cost. To make your clearance-bought sweets look like a million bucks, consider placing them in small, pre-made gift boxes. You can find these gift boxes at many craft stores in different colors, shapes and designs. But if you want the candy itself to do the shining and not necessarily the box, you can choose to purchase clear boxes with a simple ribbon to make sure that the candy is still stealing the spotlight.

Shop Easter sales for your Quince!Pull out the Candy buffet
Any guest will appreciate the sugar filled display of delights for an after dinner snack, so you can also pull out the candy buffet stop even if you’re not having a candy themed party. To pull this detail off, check out this article on how to create a memorable candy display and shop ‘til you drop for your favorite sugar pieces!


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