Big cake, little cake, super duper Quince cake…what to choose?!?!

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Dessert table with a four-layered Quince cake

Choosing the perfect Quince cake can be an easy task if you know exactly what you’re looking for!

The days of one simple sheet Quince cake with strawberry filling are over!

Your Quince cake has become not only an important part of your menu but an addition to your Quince decor. It’s the last bite your guests will have and your last chance to show off! Worried?  Of course you are! Good news, you have nothing to worry about. Choosing your perfect cake that tastes delicious and is unforgettably gorgeous doesn’t have to be difficult.  Here are three tips on how to buy your dream cake from our talented friends at Marissa’s Cakes.

Tip #1. Choose a Quince cake based on your personality or theme.

Take a scrapbook of your quince theme to the bakery along with pictures of your dream cake.   Bring along your theme colors and pictures of the decor. Make sure to include all the elements that will be present in your Quinceanera such as lighting, material of the linens, invitations, center pieces, etc.

6 Tier white Quince cake

Customize your cake to your very own personality & style!

Tip #2.Decide your budget for the cake before your visit to the bakery.

Knowing how much you can spend will make the decision process a lot easier.  It will help you decide on the additional touches like one more levels to your cake, fresh flowers, personalized cake topper or a table dessert to match your theme. Keep in mind the expense your family is making to give you a fabulous Quinceañera.

Slice of cake decorated with orchid

Remember, little cakes are also delicious!

Tip #3. Come up with a plan to stay within your budget.

You will have a million options to choose from when buying your Quince cake.  Don’t get stuck with the idea of having a ten tear quince cake for 300 guests.  You can reduce the cost of the cake by having a small version of your dream cake for 100 people.   Add a big “sheet cake” of the same flavor and send it to the kitchen to be cut and served to the rest of your guests.  It will look amazing in your pictures and your guests will never know the difference. You don’t have to empty the bank account to have a fabulous Quince cake.

Follow these three steps and enjoy the cake of your dreams!

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