Buttercream Vintage Cake Ideas for your Quince

Jocelyn Pasillas

Vintage Cake designs are the perfect fit for a queen! This new cake trend has popped off with beautiful textures and ornaments that bring together a work of art.  

These creamy buttercream cake designs are very elegant and are even used as a photo prop in many shoots. Lucky for you, we have the cutest designs yet to show you!  

Horoscope Cake  

Proudly represent your horoscope sign and add a message instead of a cake topper to your cake.  

Heart-Shaped Buttercream Cake  

Put your baker to the test when choosing a unique shaped cake that will stand out from the usual.  


Floral Vintage Designs  

Flowers are a versatile touch to any décor, including when incorporating them on your cake!  


Layered Vintage Cake  

Perfect for big fiestas, a tiered Lambeth cake can be a sweet touch to any celebration!  


Calendar Cake  

A calendar cake? Yes, add your actual birth date or Quinceanera date to your cake for the perfect photo prop. This trend is quite new but extra special when looking back at the details of your big day.  

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Jocelyn Pasillas

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