Chocolate makes life sweeter

Alicia Monsalve

Scientific research has proven what many have suspected for years: chocolate makes life sweeter. If you are a chocolate lover you might want to consider some delicious ideas The San Francisco Chocolate Factory has to offer such as beautiful marshmallows and chocolate bars designs and tasty lip-glosses as part of your Quinceañera party.

This chocolate Factory, distributed by Bridge Brands Chocolate, is located on the central corner of 12th & Folson in San Francisco, where a broad variety of cocoa products have been made since 1999. In less than a decade this brand has positioned itself as the favorite amongst chocolate lovers, all thanks to their mission of producing delicious and tasty gourmet organic cocoa based products at a reasonable price.

Bridge Brands Chocolate uses cacao almonds from three of the top quality producing regions, mixed to create a range of different flavors. The brand incorporates vanilla, coffee, tea and even some Californian wines as part of their mixes. As a result we get a variety in flavors, including classic chocolate, ready to please any kind of taste.

At Bridge Brands Chocolate you can choose delicious party favors: cacao lip-glosses, tin cans that can be personalized or ready to use portraying beautiful images and in different flavors like dark or white chocolate. Among the products offer by Bridge Brands Chocolate you can find ideas to give out sweet party favors or perhaps use them as invitations.

Bridge Brands Chocolate also produces the official got milk? chocolate line, inspired by the famous campaign put together byt the California Milk Processors Board in order to promote mil consumption.

If you wish to incorporate these delicious ideas for your Quince party, follow this advice:

Design your own brand

You can create your own label to decorate chocolate bars and boxes. This adorable detail is also perfect to identify your guests’ seats and even to decorate your candy table.

Place your invitations in lovely boxes

If you wish to impress your guests get lovely boxes printed with your name and place your invitations inside.

Thank your guests

You can go a step ahead and thank your guests, especially your godparents, not only with thank you notes but with lovely chocolate pieces. It would not only be a delicious way to thank them but also a healthy turn as the flavonoids contained in cacao act as antioxidants preventing heart diseases and maintaining a decent cholesterol level.

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