Exciting substitutes to a boring quince cake! Take a peek…

Eva Melgarejo

Cakes are a focal point at any party and of course we want your Quinceanera to be absolutely the most awesome party your guests have attended. Whether you’re considering a fabulous butterfly Quince cake or a zebra cake, you can always take it up a notch, break the rules and go outside the box. Keeping all your challenges in mind we present you, cake pops! Cake pops are the perfect alternative to a cake, they are super fun, can be very colorful they are the perfect size and easy to eat!

Set them up as a traditional Quince cake, layer on top of layers, play with the sizes and the shapes. With that being said, let the planning begin:

Be more daring, show off your creativeness and instead of a cake set up your cake pops as centerpieces or give them away as party favors. Your guests will definitely remember your Quince!

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Eva Melgarejo

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