Express yourself with Quinceañera Cupcakes

Elizabeth de la Torre

Nowadays it is common to see a stack of mouth-watering cupcakes instead of a traditional cake at a quinceañera party. Merely having cupcakes at your quince party won’t make you unique.

However, the designs of each cupcake you decide to serve at your quince will be what shows off your uniqueness. If you use them right, your cupcakes will end up being part of the highlights of your quinceañera celebration!

Express your personality through uniquely designed quinceañera cupcakes.

Quinceañera cupcakes allow a lot of creativity with their designs. They can be made in different shapes and flavors for your guests to have a variety to choose from.

For cupcake decoration ideas, you should select a style that relates to your party’s theme. For example, if you select a princess theme, have your cupcakes decorated with crowns, dresses and many bright colors. Also, if you are a sports fan, you may shape your cupcakes like soccer or basketballs.

Don’t forget to clarify what kind of cupcake you want! Quinceañera cupcakes should be served with a variety of flavors in order to leave room for more personalizing on your part. Mix it up by having some vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and layered cupcakes. For example, if like tres leche then maybe have it as a middle layer in your cupcakes. Be creative!

Great places to look for cupcake design ideas would be Pinterest, Tumblr, or just surfing the Instagram. If you see some design that you like then save the picture to show to your caterer.

Why else are they good to have at your quince party?…

They make great quince centerpieces.Cupcakes aren’t just great ideas to serve to your quince guests, they’re great ideas to have as decorative centerpieces too! The designs and colors of the cupcakes will make each cupcake become its’ own work of art.

Saves the need of utensils. Cupcakes served at quinceañera parties are well served alone on a plate without utensils. This is one way to save money with your tight quince budget!

Cupcakes last longer than cakes. Whether you decide to replace your quinceañera cake with a variety of cupcakes or just simply have cupcakes on the side, cupcakes will be easier to maintain freshness. Unlike cakes that usually need to be refrigerated, mostly cupcakes can withstand sitting out on a table for a while at room temperature.

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