Five Food Trucks You Will Want at Your Quinceañera

Liberty Berlin

Whether you want a food truck to serve the main entree at your Quinceañera or if you simply want them to show up to serve your guests’ dessert.

When thinking of renting a food truck to cater your special day, make sure to consider the type of food or dessert you and your guests want to enjoy. The price of a food truck can be a bit costly; it is the convenience that makes up for it.  

Here is a list of five food trucks that will fit your ideal Quinceañera:  

1. The In-N-Out Burger Cookout Trucis any California girl’s dream.

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If you can’t get enough of an In-N-Out burger and fries, the In-N-Out cookout truck is perfect for your coming-of-age celebration 

2. Birrieria El Tocayo, Estilo Tijuana, is perfect for your traditional Quinceañera. 

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Nothing makes it a traditional Quinceañera more than a Mexican dish like Birria. This dish is often served at all types of Hispanic special occasions and a Quince is no exception! 

3. Pellegrino’s Authentic Italian Food should be your first choice for an Italian Experience!

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Treat your guests to some mouth-watering pasta dishes like lasagna or fettuccine Alfredo and give them a unique Italian experience!

4. The Beignet Truck will remind you of New Orleans where they are famous!  

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Your guests can enjoy a beignet for dessert. “Beignet” is simply French for pastry” this dessert is a deep-fried choux pastry with powdered sugar on top. Inspired by The Princess and the Frog Disney movie, give your guests a little taste of New Orleans!  

5. CoolHaus

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CoolHaus is “Women founded and led ice cream and frozen dessert brand creating premium cookie sandwiches and pints”. This sweet truck is perfect for your guests to enjoy some ice cream sandwiches on your special day! 

                 Food trucks and food trailers are considered “essential businesses” and can operate during shutdowns as we have seen throughout COVID-19. Food trucks should be at the top of your list to consider. After all, what better way to celebrate your special day than by enforcing social distancing?  

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